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It’s too hot *opens window* in comes 20 flies, 8 spiders, 17 daddy long legs, 50 moths, 3 dragons and 12 Jehovah’s witnesses.

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Hi there! Good morning/afternoon/evening guys ^-^
Today I wanna share stuff and facts about relationships and love, so yeah :) have fun!
How to make him fall in love
Biggest relationship mistakes
Love comes in all shapes
How to spot a cheater
Why men love breasts
How to make her fall in love
Why we love being single
My favs:
How to deal with jealousy
How to get over a breakup
That’s all ♥ I hope you enjoyed reading and as always don’t forget to let me know what would you like to read about next time :) I wanna hear your opinion! Come on! Have a nice day cuties ☺
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